Perfection in simplicity is trapped in a small invention, where mirrors are positioned precisely under a certain angle. It disperses the reality into pieces and assembles a new picture by this same reality which pleases the eye. Quick look into the parallel world offers unlimited possibilities of combinations of images at our reach. The vision is real but it does not exist, it can be seen, but is beyond our reach, it is playful and there is no need to understand the rules of the game. The reality can be changed with a simple twist; beauty can be admired without a reason and it is easy to decide what to see through a kaleidoscope. Simplicity in perfection of the cut technique of K a l e i d o s c o p e collection is based on details, that coincide with a simple silhouette of each garment. Combination of materials of different thickness, translucency and structures, soften harsh lines and creates its own game of visual perception with shadows of multilayer structures.